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Professional blockchain teaching
We provide complete courses for cultivating talents becoming blockchain applicators and technical experts. CBA partners with many international enterprises and provides chances for students to connect with these resources.
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In-depth blockchain field

Complete and systematic teaching, communication platform and development opportunities

Professional blockchain teaching

Complete blockchain training courses, solid training to become the top "blockchain business application planner" and "blockchain technology expert"

Corporate resources at home and abroad

With complete skills, you also need a stage to show off! CBA gathers corporate resources at home and abroad to provide valuable industry resources such as corporate visits and talent matching.

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全球 top 5 交易所 Bitget x CBA亞洲區塊鏈學院

全球 top 5 交易所 Bitget x CBA亞洲區塊鏈學院。CBA亞洲區塊鏈學院官方公告,將與衍生性交易所 Bitget 正式達成戰略合作關係,雙方合作將圍繞合約等衍生性商品進行知識內容的普及,未來雙方將共同舉辦各式線上線下Meetup等活動以推廣相關知識,甚至可能協助推廣交易賽以讓台灣市場愈趨健全。


Choose a suitable blockchain course

Courses are born from needs, choose your most suitable plan

Business application class

The course is designed with "business application" as the core design, including how to use blockchain technology in the industry, business model design, business planning judgments, etc., using actual cases as teaching materials, and solid training to become a "blockchain business planner"

Technical Expert Class

A course designed with blockchain application development as the core, including smart contract programming language Solidity teaching, smart contract writing tools, and finally completed blockchain application Dapp development, complete technical training, and become a "blockchain technology expert"

Popular Blockchain Events

Bringing together blockchain and experts in various fields

Learn more about blockchain applications that are in line with life